The first installment of this topic dealt with the more common areas in your kitchen, such as appliances and counters.  Today’s cleanliness tips cover the less obvious places in your Tampa FL home needing attention and sanitizing.

cleaning suppliesTrash container:

  • Use a trash bin with a lid to keep out odors that attract flies and other insects. Empty it as soon as it smells, even if it is not yet full. Ideally, you should this do this every day.  Wash and disinfect the bin once a week. This action will ensure that any germs which might have remained even after you emptied out the rubbish will die and will also eliminate left-over odors.

Wiping materials:

  • Change the dishcloth you wipe surfaces with every day. Use a different cloth for surfaces than for dishes. Wash the cloth with hot water and, as appropriate, bleach. Use separate towels for hands and dishes and change both of those regularly, too. 
  • Use a paper towel for any mess that is particularly likely to cause contamination, such as raw meat or eggs, and anything that has fallen on the floor. It is better to use cleaning material that you can easily throw out and thus prevent food contamination instead of using towels or sponges which you would be likely to use again.

Cross contamination:

  • You know you're not supposed to put cooked food on the same surface you used for raw food. But it's not just a problem with the cutting boards in your Tampa FL home. You touch all kinds of things while you're handling raw food: salt and pepper shakers, cabinet handles, etc. Pay attention to what you touch so you can wipe those things down.

Sink and drains:

  • Food particles get trapped in the drain and disposal, creating the perfect environment for bacterial growth. Clean your kitchen sink, drain, and disposal once or twice a week with warm water and soap. Disinfect the drain and disposal by pouring in a solution of 3/4 teaspoon chlorine bleach per quart of water.


  • Keep the floors in your Tampa FL home floors free from debris and grease by sweeping and washing regularly. If something has spilled, make sure to mop it right away.. Aside from making sure that germs do not use the spillage as a breeding ground, immediate mopping also prevents unwanted accidents, such as slipping.

One more tip:  try to “stay green” as you clean!

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