Luxury Home Market Report for

Tampa Bay

Want to know more about what the luxury real estate market looks like in your area of Tampa Bay? We've got Tampa-specific market stats, as well as comparisons to national averages, that might interest you. Our charts compare common data, such as price, inventory, and days on market, of sales in the top 10 Tampa zip codes with median prices above $500,000.

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Tampa Luxury Market Reports

The charts below show the 7 day and 90 day rolling averages for list price, days on market, and inventory for the Tampa metro area's luxury market.

Price for ILHM Tampa

Inventory for ILHM Tampa

Days on Market for ILHM Tampa

Tampa Luxury vs. National

The charts below compare the ILHM Tampa luxury market with the ILHM National Luxury Market Index and show 90 day rolling averages for median list price and days on market.


Days on Market

The chart above shows the Altos Market Action Index for the metro area's luxury market and the National Index.

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