dog lover

Are you a dog lover and are you looking to buy a house in the near future?  You may want to read this article first to find out which cities are the most dog friendly.  You can have a dog anywhere you wish but there are some cities in the United States that cater more to dog lovers than do others.  Let’s take a look at a few of those cities below and what they offer to your furry friends. 

  1. The first dog friendly city that you may want to consider moving to is Tampa Florida.  Tampa has a lot of off-leash parks where you and your dog can roam freely without concern.  They even have many dog friendly boutiques and shops where you and your pal can shop together without being asked to leave or to take your dog outside.  What better way to spend time with your loved one than to go shopping together!

  2. Another dog friendly city is Charleston SC.  As a matter of fact Charleston is one of the best cities in which to have a dog beside you.  In Charleston 68% of homes have dogs.  There are five dog friendly beaches along the coast of Charleston.  These beaches are a fun and exciting place to visit if you are a dog lover as you will see many different breads playing with their owners and frolicking in the waves.  

  3. Yet another dog friendly city that you may want to consider moving to is Temecula California.  85% of households own a dog in this particular city. Believe it or not this dog friendly city has 30 pet friendly restaurants where you and your pooch can sit and eat together.  Of course the seating arrangement is outside, but nonetheless you can take your dog right along with you to eat at these restaurants, how cool is that!

  4. Las Vegas is another dog friendly city in which you may want to live.  62% of homeowners own dogs here.  Las Vegas has many luxury pet hotels where your pet can stay when you go out of town or even when you just want to show your pet a good time.  

  5. Another great dog friendly city is Atlanta Georgia.  This city offers your dog a wide variety of things to do such as a 3 acre dog park where your baby can run, jump and play all day. 

These dog friendly cities may be the thing for you if your dog is your best friend.   Why not visit a few of them to see where you may want to move next.