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New Homes For Your Father’s Personality

Since last Sunday was Father’s Day let’s take a look at what types of new homes may make your father happy and excited to move into a new place.  If you forgot to get your dad a present and you are currently in the market for a new home, take a few of these things into consideration and I am sure he will be one happy father to wait for his present until you make  the purchase of his dream home!

  • fatherIf your dad is an overprotective father then he may be interested in a home that offers such things as a security system and or a gate around the property or safe house.  You may even want to purchase a home that offers guest quarters so that once you get to the age where you want to move out you won’t have to go too far away from your family.
  •  If your dad really likes to grill  and cook outside then you should take him on tours of homes with awesome outdoor spaces to grill and entertain outside.  You may want to make sure the homes you look at offer an outdoor kitchen that is state of the art to impress your dad. 
  • If your dad is the cool city type of dad, then you may want to consider purchasing a town home in the middle of an upscale city.  Make sure that the dwelling is close to all his favorite restaurants and shopping areas.
  • If your father is a stay at home dad, you may want to tell your mom to look for a home that will cater to his every need.  A private outdoor garden that he can tend to is a great idea to keep stay at home dads busy and happy in their element. 
  • If your dad likes to work with his hands then perhaps buying a fixer upper should be on the agenda.  Don’t be afraid to purchase a home that doesn’t seem to look perfect at first.  Wait and let your dad put his touches on it before you decide you don’t like it. 

There are all different types of fathers in the world, no one is the same.  There are also all different types of house on the market, no one quite the same.  If you put your father with the right house there is no telling how happy your family may be as a result.  Enjoy making all your dads’ dreams come true with a new home that fits him perfectly!

Information courtesy of Tampa Bay Realtor Linda Nowicke.


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