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The Perks of Living in a 55+ Community

Are you ready for the carefree fun of retired living? Then a 55+ Active Adult community might be just the perfect fit!

Active Adult or retirement communities are often mistakenly thought of as nursing homes or assisted living facilities—but today’s 55+ communities are anything but! Often age-restricted, these neighborhoods are built for fun-loving, independent older adults ready to downsize, make new friends, and live a more relaxed lifestyle. They typically come with benefits like recreational amenities, social clubs and activities, included exterior maintenance, and more.

The Tampa Bay area is filled with outstanding options for older adults ready to kick back and live a lifestyle filled with fun. Ready to find the perfect way to spend your retirement? Call us today, and let’s start exploring 55+ communities in the Tampa area.

Top 55+ Communities in the Tampa Bay Area

Del Webb Bexley

This brand-new community of 850 single-family homes will blow you away! Enjoy the best years of your life in a resort-style community with a multi-million dollar clubhouse.

Heritage Springs

Enjoy the next phase of your life on 875 acres of verdant lawns! Located close to Tampa and St. Pete, this charming community promises an active and fun lifestyle surrounded by the best of Tampa Bay.

The Groves

The Groves Golf & Country Club truly has it all! Enjoy a country club lifestyle complete with a gorgeous golf course, unbeatable amenities, and beautiful homes—all in a highly desirable location.

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Why Buy a Home in a 55+ Community?

Whatever your situation, an Active Adult community may be the perfect place to start a new chapter in your life.

Active lifestyle

Staying active is incredibly important, especially as you age. In fact, activity and exercise have been shown to reduce the risk of cardiovascular problems, stroke, and Alzheimer’s. Staying active can also increase longevity, strengthen the immune system, lower blood pressure, and improve overall mental health.

If you want to stay active as you age, then a 55+ community is the place to be! These communities offer a plethora of ways to get exercise while having fun: workout facilities, pools, hiking and biking trails, tennis and pickleball courts, and more. Many communities even offer organized group classes or activities, including fitness classes, yoga classes, biking clubs, and more.

Sense of community

The sense of community and social interaction in a 55+ neighborhood is one of the main reasons residents choose Active Adult living over a traditional residential neighborhood. Neighbors in these communities are in the same stage of life and often share similar desires and goals. This forges a sense of connection between neighbors—which has a huge impact on a person’s sense of well-being and quality of life. In a 55+ community, neighbors become family and look out for each other in times of need.

In addition to placing similarly aged people in close proximity, retirement communities also often offer increased socialization through organized groups, clubs, classes, and events. These might include book clubs, art classes, game nights, charity work, holiday celebrations, movie nights, and more.

Low-maintenance living

Many 55+ communities offer maintenance-free or low-maintenance living. What does that mean? Well, it can vary, but it usually includes exterior building maintenance, such as streets, sidewalks, roofs, and driveways. In some communities, landscaping, leaf and snow removal, and exterior home maintenance may also be included. Truly maintenance-free communities may even include interior repairs and maintenance.

Increased security

Many 55+ communities in the Tampa Bay area are gated and only permit residents and guests onto the property. Some may even have security staff on site for residents’ protection. Gate-restricted access decreases traffic through the neighborhood and promotes a sense of peace, privacy, and security.

Downsize Because You Want To… Not Because You Have To

Downsizing on your own terms—rather than because you have to—allows you to take your time to go through your belongings and pack, explore potential neighborhoods for your new home, and shop for the home that’s just right for your new lifestyle. Selling your home because you choose to move may also be less emotional and overwhelming than waiting until illness, injury, or finances require it. Even if retirement seems far off, it’s worth taking the time to make a plan for the future.

Ready to Find Your Active Adult Home in Tampa?

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