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What You Need to Know About Buying Undeveloped Land

Thinking of buying undeveloped land in the Tampa Bay area? Here are some things you'll need to know.


Location matters

When buying any kind of real estate, location is one of the most important factors to consider. After all, you can change many things about a property or home, but its location certainly isn't one of those things. When choosing the location of your land, consider what you'll be using the property for, and how close you'll need to be to various amenities and resources.

Property matters

When purchasing land to build on, you'll need to carefully consider the terrain of the land you're buying. Uneven topography or wet areas may prove difficult to build on. You'll also need to check on utilities—like water, sewer, electricity, and internet—to ensure they're available in the area. In Tampa, it's also important to have an expert evaluate the land's flood history and draining capacity.


Financing matters

It's crucial to understand that financing for land may work a bit differently than financing for buying a home. Additionally, you may need to obtain separate loans for the purchasing of the land and the actual construction of the home, and may need to convert between loans once the home is actually constructed. It's a bit more complicated than straightforward home buying, so it's especially important to choose a lender with experience in land and new construction purchases.

Your builder matters

The builder you choose to work on your property, home, or commercial site is vitally important to the whole process. A reputable and experienced local builder will know what permits you need, what surveys or inspections you should order, and what types of land will work best for your needs. Not sure where to find a reputable local builder? Ask us!


Buying Undeveloped Land? Let Us Help!

If you're thinking of buying undeveloped land for your home or business, Inside Tampa Homes is here to help! With years of experience in commercial real estate and land purchases, we know the ins and outs of buying property. We can recommend builders, lenders, and other vendors... while guiding you through the process.