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What You Need To Know About Selling Your House This Spring

  1. It’s a Seller's Market - Inventory shortages are still driving the market.  Since it is a high-demand, low-supply environment, people trying to sell their homes will see a lot of foot traffic from eager buyers. This is especially true for entry-level to mid-tier homes. In addition, if sellers price their homes right for their market, they could end up with multiple offers.
  2. Starter Homes are in Demand - Millennials are one reason for the increased housing demand.  Many of them in the past have been reluctant to the commitment of purchasing a home due to fears about job security and large amounts of debt.  But now they seem ready to become homeowners.
  3. Aesthetically Pleasing Homes Sell Faster.  Spring is the perfect time of year to show off your home.  Take advantage of flowers blooming and trees blossoming by keeping your yard neat and tidy.  That first impression may be what draws people to look at your property.
  4. More Options=Greater Odds.  Some people may think that selling in the spring is a bad idea because there is less competition during other months of the year.  But less competition means fewer buyers.  Many Realtors feel that competition is a positive thing in the real estate market and can assist homeowners in getting a better deal.
  5. School’s Out for Summer.  Many homeowners want to time their purchase of a new home with the end of the school year so that they are not moving their children to a different school mid-year.  If the closing occurs in early summer, it gives the family a couple of months to get acclimated to their new area before the new school year begins.
  6. More Buyers=More Offers.  The best thing that can happen for a seller is to receive multiple offers that result in a bidding war.  This is most likely to happen in the spring when more people are house hunting.

Spring is a time for new beginnings. People are excited to get out and look at homes. So, don’t miss out on this opportunity.  If you are thinking about selling your house this year, call the professionals at Inside Tampa Homes at 813-728-3880 or 813-675-5030 and let them help you put it on the market now!


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